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A Seeker's Secrets

They're Like The Snitch

Harry James Potter
31 July 1980

the boy-who-lived...
{name} Harry James Potter
{age} 18
{date of birth} August 31, 1980
{place of birth} Godric’s Hollow
{mother} Lily Evans (deceased)
{father} James Potter (deceased)
{siblings} none
{heritage} Half-Blood
{hair} Black
{eyes} Green
{height} 5’9’’
{body type} lean. muscular.
{personality} emotional. friendly. touchy. funny. moody. sarcastic. snarky.

{house while at Hogwarts} Gryffindor
{favourite subjects} DADA
{favourite teachers} McGonagall
{graduation year} 1998

{sexual preference} Bisexual
{past relationships} Ginny Weasley, Draco Malfoy
{current relationship} none
{desired relationship} Draco Malfoy none

{what happened to Harry between the end of behindthevelvet and the beginning of velvet_stains}
After leaving school, Harry closed himself up on Grimmauld Place, his godfather's old house. He stayed there for three months, barely doing anything other than eating, sleeping, and playing the guitar he had found on Sirius's old bedroom. That is, until Hermione and Ginny barged into the house and made him stop moping and start enjoying life. A month later, he had Ginny's twins in his care while she was in a coma. There is not much else to be said. Harry kept on going to his Quidditch training (he's a Seeker at the Chudley Cannons), playing his guitar, and living on the apartment the shares with his teammate and friend, Nathanial Olivieri. Oh, and now he has a small dragon tattoo on his left shoulder. It's magical, and it moves its wings and breathes fire.

{playby Tom Welling}
{player name Ana}
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